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I enjoy stories of survival in extraordinary circumstances and how people react to finding themselves in seemingly impossible situations. What brings out the best and the worst of human nature? Do people always break good or bad, or is it a bit of both? Since zombies can be anything - metaphors, monsters, even jokes - the possibilities for exploring these questions are endless. 

As a native Pittsburgher and fan of George Romero films, perhaps it was inevitable that the hours-long NIGHT OF THE LIVING/DAWN OF THE DEAD postmortems that my brothers and I conducted after each viewing led to this novel. Despite all this my husband and our menagerie of furry critters are woefully unprepared for the zombie apocalypse. But the idea I might become a zombie because my car runs out of gas continues to get me to the gas station when I’d rather not bother.


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Denial = Death.

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