Everyone has a story...

From Miranda’s Journal (undated)

If you lived through the ZA then you have a story to tell. I’ve been writing down the stories of the people who are most important to me. These stories capture that first experience, that first inkling that something was wrong or that the authorities were blowing smoke up our collective ass. None of these people figured it out while watching CNN - most of those people are wandering around trying to eat the rest of us. Not sure if this will be for posterity (God, that sounds pretentious) or just me. When I think about how much humanity fucked up the first time my usual reaction to posterity is “Good luck, assholes! You’re going to need it.”

The person whose story I am starting with tells me that I need an attitude adjustment about humanity and posterity, but he also tells me all the time to trust my instincts. Nine times out of ten, my instincts about humanity say that there is no situation in existence that human beings cannot make worse.

I’d like to introduce you to…

Father Walter Brennan, S. J.

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